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Guia Turismo Olivenza Your complete guide to Olivenza (Badajoz), you can not miss these sites

Olivenza, everyone’s land

The Very Noble, Remarkable and Always Loyal City of Olivenza.

Olivenza is in the border of Extremadura with Portugal, has been the birthplace of Spaniards and Portuguese according to the time and to which crown it belonged.

Throughout the years, the capital of the Llanos de Olivenza has passed nobles, ladies, conquerors, peasants, templars, discoverers, shepherds ... And in this coming and going of people and in this mine and yours between countries, it has become a land of wisdom, good wines and legends.

The stately Olivenza smells like the Raya de Portugal and the oak forest. And it tastes like fusion of traditional Portuguese and Spanish cuisines and sweet of yolk and almond. It’s here, when you realize the wealth that Olivenza has. 

guia turística Olivenza 2019

*Photo Olivenza's city hall. Puente Ayuda

Places to visit

The House of Mercy, with its Portuguese tile chapel; the Torre del Homenaje, the tallest of the old Templar fortress and which also houses the González Santana Ethnographic Museum; the Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval, where the town hall is located; or the church of Santa María Magdalena, are some of the historical monuments that you can’t miss.

Places to eat in Olivenza

Casa Maíla Restaurant

Calle Colón 3

With an atmosphere between Andalusian and Portuguese, it is the ideal place to taste good local produce, both carte and portions. Meat, good ham, excellent croquettes, boletus, fishes like cod ... And an assortment of desserts, also homemade, of which everyone speaks. If we add a good cellar and friendly and close treatment, the visit is a must!


Arteaga Restaurant

Calle Moreno Nieto 5 (known as 'Baldosines')

The ideal place to give yourself a small tribute. Located in the Hotel Palacio de Arteaga, a small palace from the 19th century. Its cuisine combines the tradition of Extremaduran cuisine with avant-garde winks, as well as Portuguese products and wines from each D.O. Dam, retinto or local cheeses delight diners, who can choose between five environments.


Do not forget to try the sweets in Olivenza, of Portuguese heritage, in Casa Fuentes or La Chimenea. The Técula Mécula is very typical.


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