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Toros Olivenza 2018  Olivenza bullfight tickets - 2018 march taurine festival.

Olivenza bullfights tickets

Olivenza bullring, bullfight in Badajoz

First weekend of March (5 bullfights shows)

Tickets Sales information

Old season tickets:
Season Ticket Renewal: in servitoro@servitoro.com and at the ticket box offices of the Bullring (dates to be confirmed).

New season tickets:
- You can early book your season tickets in Servitoro, guarantee the best seat.
- At the ticket offices of the bullring (dates to be confirmed).

Single Tickets:
- Request and reserve single tickets for all the bullfighting celebrations in servitoro.com or calling 0034 963308593 from Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 8.00 pm.
- At the tickets office of the bullring (dates to be confirmed).

Ticket Office Hours of Olivenza Bullring: Monday to Friday from 17.00 pm to 21.00 pm.

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Olivenza presents the bullfight poster announcer in Fitur 2018

Fitur has been the scene chosen by the company Ruedo de Olivenza, of the Fusion International por la Tauromaquia group, to present the poster for the Bullfighting Fair 2018. The work belongs to Sophie von Hanau, Austrian-German princess and a great bullfighting lover who debuts illustrating a bullfighting poster.

The Olivenza Fair will be from March 2 to 4 and this year it is celebrating its 28th edition. The posters will be presented at the end of next week and his businessman, José Cutiño, has confirmed that the celebrations of season ticket will be added a master class for the little ones with the bullfighter Ginés Marín and the Taurine School of Badajoz. It will take place on Thursday, March 1.

Bullfighting program for Olivenza 2018

Pending confirmation. 5 season ticket bullfights. Apply early for your tickets of the Olivenza 2018 Fair, make sure you get the best seat.

Olivenza tickets prices 2018

(Prices for 2018 are pending confirmation)

SUN Bullfight 'novillos' Bullfight Season pass (5 days
Grada numerada 26€ 42€ 131€
Tendido Numerado 32€ 52€ 156€
Contrabarrera 34€ 57€ 173€
Barrera 37€ 62€ 192€
SHADOW Bullfight 'novillos' Bullfight Season pass (5 days)
Grada numerada 32€ 62€ 196€
Tendido 37€ 77€ 245€
Contrabarrera 42€ 90€ 289€
Barrera 52€ 112€ 367€

**Prices include VAT, home delivery and management expenses Servitoro (12 euros / individual tickets, 25 euros / bullfight season pass)

Calendar of bullfights in Olivenza 2018

The Bullfighting Fair of Olivenza is much more than a fair; marks the beginning of the bullfighting season in Extremadura. It is celebrated the first days of March (the first weekend). And normally it consists of five bullfights: two steer bullfights and three bullfights. The best bullfighters meet there. That same weekend, the Bull Fair takes place.

Olivenza Fair

The Bull Fair of Olivenza takes place the first weekend of March every year and marks the beginning of the bullfighting season in Extremadura. It is declared a Feast of Tourist Interest of the region and, in addition to a large fairground in which all kinds of exhibitions, debates, exhibitions or 'tentaderos' take place, their bullfighting posters announce the most popular bullfighters as well as some of the most outstanding fighting bull ranches.

Olivenza also trusts young bullfighters and its cycle includes bullfights with steers; it's also often the scene of important alternatives. It’s a must of national importance.

Surrounded by meadows of holm oaks and cork oaks, tourists can enjoy the locality of Extremadura and its templar origin visiting its castle, which houses the Ethnographic Museum Extremeño González Santana; the House of Mercy or the Church of Santa Maria Magdalena


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